Month: January 2020

Choosing to Do It Anyway

Energy. To have it pulsing through my body, my mind and my emotions gives me a greater sense of being alive. I long for the vigor and strength to do the things I want to do. The older I get the more I value… Continue Reading “Choosing to Do It Anyway”

Choosing Light Over Darkness

I remember as a child being afraid of the dark. It was in the blackness of night that the monsters, the “boogey man” and all my unspoken fears, manifested. Unlit buildings paralyzed me with fright. Sleeping with the light on seemed like a good… Continue Reading “Choosing Light Over Darkness”

Choosing to Put My Feelings on a Diet

“I just want to feel good.” This is the mantra I’ve heard from many people over the years who are trying to figure out their existence. Confusion, discomfort, boredom. They’re looking for something that makes life feel better—worth living, that takes away the discomfort… Continue Reading “Choosing to Put My Feelings on a Diet”

Choosing to be a Learner

All through my early years I saw myself as a humble man. The fallacy of that image was exposed the day I was informed that the one-on-one, who I understood would be my “mentor” in the YWAM training program was a single, 19-year-old kid.… Continue Reading “Choosing to be a Learner”