Month: April 2023

Choosing the Deeper Desire

I first smoked a cigar in college. Somehow I had managed to avoid all tobacco before that. When I joined several other film students in a project to tell a story set during a poker game, we decided our set needed to be filled… Continue Reading “Choosing the Deeper Desire”

Choosing What I Look Like

It’s been used as a joke, but there are some very funny images to support it as a reality. Do humans often resemble their pets? In attitude and temperament? Even in their looks? It appears that the answer is a strong YES! This phenomenon,… Continue Reading “Choosing What I Look Like”

Choosing a Wise King

We have just finished Holy Week, and I am still reflecting on what it all means. Resurrection Sunday morning provides some hearty food for thought, considering that the followers of Christ are promised to one day experience being resurrected with new incorruptible bodies themselves.… Continue Reading “Choosing a Wise King”

Choosing to Hate Self-Pity

Ever been treated badly? Abandoned? Insulted? Ignored? Forgotten? Replaced? Taken for granted? Or you just feel like you never get a break? Nothing goes your way? Join the club! I have felt the sting (and sometimes the gut-punch) of all these abuses and misfortunes… Continue Reading “Choosing to Hate Self-Pity”