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Choosing to Hate Self-Pity

Ever been treated badly? Abandoned? Insulted? Ignored? Forgotten? Replaced? Taken for granted? Or you just feel like you never get a break? Nothing goes your way? Join the club! I have felt the sting (and sometimes the gut-punch) of all these abuses and misfortunes… Continue Reading “Choosing to Hate Self-Pity”

Choosing a Different Kind of Medication

It’s a condition that I have had for many years now. I am prone to develop infections in my colon that can be extremely painful. It has put me in the hospital in the past, and I have come to recognize the feeling in… Continue Reading “Choosing a Different Kind of Medication”

Choosing Sweetness

As a kid, there were certain old people I avoided. They were the kind that didn’t seem to have the capacity to endure the messiness and clumsiness of children. They couldn’t see the intentions of little ones when something got spilt or broken. They… Continue Reading “Choosing Sweetness”