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Choosing a Deeper Strength

My desire as a boy was to be strong. Being verbally and physically picked on in elementary school, I became fascinated with the idea of becoming powerful. The longing to demonstrate my strength led to a few fights and endless daydreaming of what that… Continue Reading “Choosing a Deeper Strength”

Choosing to be Made New

The Geek Squad technician looked at me and said, “It’s dead. Your laptop’s motherboard has failed.” Of course, my first question was how much it would cost to repair it. I liked this computer. We had accomplished a lot together. He shook his head.… Continue Reading “Choosing to be Made New”

Choosing to Hope in Resurrection

Grim news continues to come out of Ukraine. Mass graves are being discovered. And stories of torture and executions are multiplying. Not since World War 2 has Europe been the site of such atrocities. But now, with another apparently unhinged despot doubling down on… Continue Reading “Choosing to Hope in Resurrection”