Month: May 2023

Choosing Boundaries

I recently had someone describe her life problems to me as rooted in co-dependency. She could see that her choices had become so enmeshed with another person’s responses that she no longer knew what was hers and what was the other person’s. The solution… Continue Reading “Choosing Boundaries”

Choosing to Finish Well

I had a short stint running track when I was in middle school. It was enjoyable until the coach put me in an 800 meter race that I had not prepared for. As a sprinter, I applied what I knew and started out strong.… Continue Reading “Choosing to Finish Well”

Choosing My Identity

During my senior year in high school, my football coach referred to me as a “great athlete.” I was shocked but ecstatic that he would say such a thing. That was NOT how I saw myself. I had had minimal interest in athletics most… Continue Reading “Choosing My Identity”

Choosing the Right Kind of Yeast

Freshly baked bread. The smell and the taste of it are difficult to beat, especially when it’s warm, just out of the oven. My mother made it when I was growing up and still occasionally does. It’s a comforting memory associated with good and… Continue Reading “Choosing the Right Kind of Yeast”