Tag: Loving God

Choosing Boundaries

I recently had someone describe her life problems to me as rooted in co-dependency. She could see that her choices had become so enmeshed with another person’s responses that she no longer knew what was hers and what was the other person’s. The solution… Continue Reading “Choosing Boundaries”

Choosing What I Look Like

It’s been used as a joke, but there are some very funny images to support it as a reality. Do humans often resemble their pets? In attitude and temperament? Even in their looks? It appears that the answer is a strong YES! This phenomenon,… Continue Reading “Choosing What I Look Like”

Choosing Not to Hurt God’s Heart

Scenario 1: An ugly thing A man claims the sole right to his girlfriend’s attention and affection. He gets heated when she laughs with a coworker or appears to be sharing something personal with an acquaintance. He looks as if he wants to hurt… Continue Reading “Choosing Not to Hurt God’s Heart”