A life-Giving Marriage and Intestinal Problems
I look back and see that I’ve made some good decisions in my life—like marrying the girl I met in 9th-grade algebra class (a complex story involving many choices). And I’ve made some bad decisions—like eating all the raw camel liver served to me in a North-African Bedouin tent (a simple story involving one compulsive choice). Both decisions had consequences.

In the same way, an authentic walk with Jesus is a result of certain choices. A cool experience with God is exciting but not enough to maintain a life-long journey of following after Jesus. Choices have to be made, big and small, to keep us on the path daily, hourly and even moment by moment. And like it or not, they all produce some kind of consequence.

Why this Blog?
The posts made here focus on helping us do our part to stay close to Jesus regardless where we find ourselves vocationally, geographically or even emotionally. The ongoing motif is “Choices to be made each day.” Choices really do matter and determine where we will find ourselves in five, ten, fifty or a thousand years from now.

Who is this Blog For?
Anyone who desires to explore the choices a Jesus-follower must make. I particularly have in mind those who are or have been a part of a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) community somewhere. There’s more God has for you.

Who Am I?

  • I am a father of three, a husband of one, and a grandfather of four. I’m also a son of two and a brother of three. Although a very strong introvert, I have seen that relationships are the soil from which joy springs. And I am hungry for more joy!
  • I am a YWAMer who, along with my wife Christine, has served with Youth With A Mission since 1992. I have found great satisfaction through many years of teaching and discipling young people and do not see myself ever retiring from that.
  • I am a nerd who started loving books after reading Tarzan of the Apes at age 12. Story time with my kids was my favorite part of raising children. The Lord of the Rings was their favorite series before any of them had reached double-digits. I’ve already started with my grandkids, although we have yet to get past Goodnight Moon. I presently enjoy reading theology, philosophy and almost any kind of history, but occasionally throw in a fantasy/sci-fi novel. Any good recommendations?
  • I have travelled to 40 countries and staffed or led more than 40 YWAM schools. I’m tired of airplanes but not tired of seeing people encounter Jesus.
  • I have watched the sun rise over the Himalayas as well as witnessed thousands of lives arise from their brokenness into new life. Both are awesome sights that leave a deep imprint on the soul.
  • I have endured driving a rickety outreach bus from coast to coast in the US as well as hunkering down during a three-week Sahara sandstorm. And I intend to persevere through whatever comes my way as I seek to follow Jesus day by day (rhyming unintended).

What Can You Do?
Follow this blog and choose Jesus everyday.
It is my strong belief that all who desire Jesus must learn to be missional regardless where they’re planted geographically, vocationally or relationally. You just have to make the choice to do so, responding to His love, setting your mind and heart on Him—everyday.

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